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Walter’s Walk

Walter’s Walk

Walter’s Walk, a not-for-profit agency, was founded by Jean Moretto  in memory of her father, Walter (1913-2005).   His philosophy was to walk through life’s difficulties by remembering that love, support, activity, and creativity will get one through any situation.

?Walter was creative, and introspective.  A master at woodworking, he also had a green thumb.  He loved caring for his flowers, especially roses.  Always the supportive father, Walter was behind Jean when she received her Masters Degree in Counseling, and Doctorate in Counseling Education.

?Together, with his wife, of 54 years, Gladys (1917-2001), they raised four children, before she succumbed to complications of Alzheimer’s Disease.

While in her private practice, Jean saw healthcare coverage diminish for many clients.  She and others became aware of the need to provide integrated treatment to people seeking mental health care.

The vision began with the development of Walter’s Walk. Jean follows in her father’s footsteps of providing a supportive network.

Walter’s Walk serves the public without discrimination on basis of age, race, creed, sexual orientation, or any factor that is related to health status.  Clients unable to pay for services will be provided at no cost.

?Walter’s Walk is funded by grants and donations from people like you. You can contribute to the vision of Walter’s Walk by making an online donation.


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