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St. Louis First Responder Canteen

St. Louis First Responder Canteen

We are a 501(c) (3) organization dedicated to First Responders in St. Louis County. The majority of the time we are responding to a fire scene. In the fire service, canteen and rehab support provides essential nutrients and liquids for the re-hydration of exhausted firefighters, as well as assisting them return to normal “core” body temperatures.  Mandated by NFPA-1584, rehabilitation has become an essential function within the fire ground operation.

St. Louis First Responder Canteen is an organization of volunteers, and operates solely on donations and contributions. We provide Canteen and REHAB support to all First Responders, including Fire, Police, EMS, & Others, in St. Louis County 24/7/365. This includes working fires, HAZMAT situations, Search & Rescue Incidents, major MVAs, and other long term incidents when requested. We are staffed with 100% Volunteers and operate on donations that we receive.


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