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Mathews Dickey Boys & Girls Club

Mathews Dickey Boys & Girls Club

Research and feedback from the community have led us to a new Strategic Plan. This three phase, three year plan has been carefully devised to transform our organization and make it even more effective at building scholar-athletes. We’re focusing our efforts on engaging youth in sports and providing them with supplemental education and the arts to increase their all around performance while increasing their likelihood of college matriculation. How do we accomplish this?

In order to benefit our youth best, we must work together. This is highlighted in our Core Value #9

#9: Partner! Partner! Partner! Let’s do it together. This plan promotes public private partnerships in a coordinated effort to reduce the academic achievement gap in inner cities and rural areas. Shared resources between corporations, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations dramatically impacts human development by not financially limiting any one institution.
Core Values
Students and Families First
#1 It is our belief that all youth have the right to learn to become successful.

#2: Approach youth from a strengths-based approach as opposed to deficit-based approach to intervention to achieve more substantial student outcomes.

#3: Redefine what it means to be intelligent. There are multiple forms of intelligence and genius. Genius is discovered not only in scholarly study, but also in vocational, artistic and athletic development.

#4: Inspire academic rigor. High expectations yield high student achievement and productivity. Students must be challenged beyond their comfort zones. Expose students to highly productive and stimulating environments and behavior will improve dramatically.

#5: Study it, See it, and Do it! Project based learning offers students an opportunity to fulfill the new millennial student’s need for visual, auditory, and kinesthetic stimulation.

#6: The classroom/Athletic arena is a learning laboratory. In order to create an environment of excellence the learning environment must be able to foster self-discovery and creativity.

#7: College, career and technical exposure is a must in the 21st Century. More than 75% of new careers have not been created yet. Educational institutions and programs must implement curricula and programs that prepare a workforce for this challenge.

#8: Attempt to remove the barriers. Students are exposed to variety of psycho-social barriers which prevent them from being successful. Wrap around services are necessary to impact the severity of those challenges on student learning and development.

#9: (See above)

#10: Relationships! Relationships! Students need social supports inside and outside of the learning environments. This plan promotes programming that assists parents in supporting and setting high expectations for their children regardless of their education or income level. In addition, this model also promotes professional mentoring and networking. By connecting students with like-minded people, we increase their probability of success and personal aspirations. Our goal is to foster a sense of competence, a sense of purpose, a sense of belonging, and a sense of power.


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