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Join a Leads Group!

Join a Leads Group!

Leads Groups are part of your GNC Chamber membership! There is no additional fee to join one of our Leads Groups. Leads Groups build connections, relationships and generate referrals for your business. Visit them to see which one is a great fit for you.


When Harold Whitaker started Right Handyman Service LLC in July 2013, he was looking for a business that he and his son would work on together.  Harold’s son had many years of training and experience in the construction industry; Harold himself had many years in managing, marketing, and technology.

Harold observes: “…your home or property may be your biggest investment and like any GOOD investment you have to maintain it, protect it and monitor it to make sure it is growing in value. This why Right Handyman Services LLC was born.”

The greatest benefit in hiring Right Handyman Services, LLC is: you don’t have to do it! Your to-do list will get done, expertly and in a timely manner.  Your home can look and feel like new again, plus you can increase the value of your home. Hiring Right Handyman Service  is a smart alternative for lots of people who have home improvement projects.

Harold Whitaker has been a member of Leads Group 1 for about seven years. Lead Group 1 has helped his business get noticed in the communities that he serves. “Leads Group 1 has helped me to gain access to opportunities or leads that I might not have otherwise. Finally, the group has allowed me to develop and nurture professional relationships, but some of the strongest and most long-standing friendships are borne from these connections.”

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