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Chair’s Letter – April 2020

Chair’s Letter – April 2020

Hello all! My, how the month of March deviated from the English proverb of “in like a lion and out like a lamb.”  I know this proverb refers to the change in weather during the month of March, but I cannot help but think of the current worldwide health crisis.  COVID-19 has affected us all, whether directly or indirectly.  Schools have been closed.  Businesses have been forced to shut down and lay off employees.  There is a run on toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant spray like a majority of us have never seen.  A “stay-at-home” order has been issued.  Many of us are afraid and unsure of what all this really means.  Some are continuing business as usual.  Others are simply hoping that there is an end in sight so that they may leave their homes without reluctance and fear of contracting COVID-19.

As we reflect on the worldwide health crisis caused by COVID-19, let us not forget to look toward a future of change and growth.  I cannot express how proud I am to live in a community that has rallied together during this time. We are supporting our small businesses as much as possible.  We are checking on our neighbors.  We are showing compassion toward our fellow man.  Our ability to remain a united front and help each other grow during these uncertain times proves just how strong we are and how committed we are to each other.  When this scare is over, I have no doubt that we will thrive and be as successful as ever.

As we continue to sail on uncharted waters, please continue to do your part to keep yourselves and your community safe.  Please continue to pray for me, as I am always praying for you.

Yours in Service,
Dr. Misty C. Farr
Chamber President

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